Knowing Rice Types and Its Uses

Rice is one of main food in several countries in Asia, includes Indonesia. Almost all people in Indonesia make the rice as their main food in daily life. Besides, consumption of rice in this country is increased day by day along with its increased population. In several areas, consumption of rice is like an addiction. That is why various efforts have done by scientists to fulfill the people’s need of rice. An interesting thing of what the scientists have done is, that they are not only focus on increasing quantity of the rice, but also focus on improving various types of rice that can be consumed.

These are types of rice started to improve in many countries includes Indonesia that have various nutrition and benefit for people based on the types.

White Rice

White rice is the most familiar and wanted rice for most of people. Its fragrant aroma and fluffier taste is the main reason. In addition, the white rice also contains high enough nutrition and mineral. However, it still cannot compete type of figured rice.

Brown Rice

Brown rice has very special aroma. This type of rice is similar to sticky rice. Eminence of the brown rice is on its very high nutrition. Unfortunately, the brown rice is easier to stale if compared with the other types of rice.

Red Rice

Red rice has good taste when eaten even without side dish. Beside consumed, the red rice is also used to solve many diseases suggested by health worker. This case is not apart from high nutrition inside the red rice itself. Various uses of the red rice are to decrease weight, to prevent disease on digestion, to improve child’s brain, to decrease cholesterol on blood, to make heart healthy, to keep bone health, and so on. There are so many uses of the great red rice.

Black Rice

Black rice can be said the same as the red rice. The black rice also contains very high nutrition. People said that foregone, kings ate the black rice in their daily because of its rich nutrition. The benefits of the black rice are to prevent cancer, to core diabetes, and so on. Its low calorie makes the rice really safe to consume.

Besides, the black rice contains high fiber. It makes the black rice recommended for people with heart disease. Consuming black rice is also highly recommended for those who want to look like younger, because it contains anti-oxidant helping to fix broken sells on body.


To get quality and healthy rice, of course, the rice has to be cultivated organically. Because organic rice is the most suitable rice to consumed by people wanting to apply healthy lifestyle.

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